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NEW: A Special Board meeting will be held  Friday, November 18, 2022 at 1:00 PM. POA Members may click here to be directed to the Members Only page for the Agenda.


The Board recently approved new Architectural Guidelines.

Click here to read about the 711 RANCH HISTORICAL MARKER dedicated on July 19, 2021. The Peninsula Board of Directors graciously provided the marker location on the public side of the Peninsula gate. Note that the footprint of the Mystic Shores subdivision is that of the 711 Ranch. Read more about the 711 Ranch at

Texas Historical Marker,  711 Ranch 



  1. A reminder that exterior repairs and maintenance can always be done without ACC permission, provided that colors and materials do not change.  The same applies to landscaping maintenance: no problem replacing or adding plants to existing landscape beds.  If you are adding or enlarging beds, however, please contact the ACC. 
  2. Always contact the ACC if you are considering additions of, or changes to, fences, pools, spas, solar panels, driveways, sidewalks, exterior lighting, pergolas, gazebos, etc.
  3. We have had reports of new home construction dumpster being used for disposal of yard waste and landscape debris.  This is not an acceptable practice.  Please advise your landscape maintenance providers that construction dumpsters are not to be used.
  4. We have also had complaints from neighbors and contractors about uninvited people walking through renovation and new construction projects.  Contractors are concerned about safety and liability.  Please refrain from trespassing or entering without permission.
  5. Dark skies  As the Peninsula density increases (we now have over 80 completed homes), the ACC is working to keep our dark skies dark.  Many of you with homes that are a few years old have exterior coach light style light fixtures that would not be approved today as being dark sky compliant (if you can see the filament in the lamp, it is not a true dark sky fixture).  What can you do to help with your existing fixtures?  Use the smallest wattage lamps possible, select lamps that are “warm white” (2700°K-3200°K) rather than “cool white” and focus any floodlights so they point straight down.  More dark sky information, click here.
  6. Click here for the Peninsula Architectural and Site Design Guidelines and the DCCRs.

Regarding Oak Trees  If you are trimming oak trees, know the danger of oak wilt. Oak wilt could devastate our beautiful oak trees and create property value losses that could total millions of dollars.  All wounding of oaks (including pruning) should be avoided from February through June. The least hazardous periods for pruning are during the coldest days in winter and extended hot periods in mid to late summer. Regardless of season, all pruning cuts or other wounds to oak trees, including freshly-cut stumps and damaged surface roots, should be treated immediately with paint to prevent exposure to contaminated insects.  Click here for more information.

Regarding burning  Please be extremely careful when burning.  Even if there is no burn ban, a gust of wind can quickly create a hazardous situation as happened in the 300 block of Arthur Ct.  Fortunately, the Fire Department responded quickly enough to prevent an out of control forest fire.  Click here for excellent safety information.

Your cooperation on these matters will be appreciated by everyone.  If you have any questions or concerns, please  Click here to contact your ACC Administrator.

Please suspend ALL deer feeders until further notice.  Hog sightings and associated damage increase significantly starting in September.  Four of our Peninsula residents have already experienced hog damage. We expect the situation to get worse as fall approaches.  Utilization of deer feeders only encourages these pesky critters and invites them to feast on your property as well as your neighbors’ property. Please respect your neighbors and refrain from operating your deer feeders.  If you see a Feral Hog, call WILD HOTLINE 830-542-WILD (9453).  Please report any damage, number and size of hogs and time of sighting.  See POA Members Only page for recent hog sightings. 

Click here to learn about New Cell Phone Access and other Gate Features implemented Dec. 2017, including security cameras and the ability to use your cell phone to control gate.

Click here for the link to the Comal County Fire Marshal for BURN BAN status.

Messages from Neighborhood Watch:

     Free “Patrol” Services Available to Community.  Comal County Sheriff’s Office offers an “Extra Patrol Request Program” whereby the Sheriff’s Deputies will monitor your home while you are away.  To initiate the “Patrol”, simply call Sheriff’s Dispatch at 830-620-3400 to make the request. McKinley Security (210-535-7623) offers the same service. Both services are free to the community.

     Report Suspicious Vehicles/Unsafe Situation to McKinley Security.  If any resident sees a suspicious vehicle or a vehicle and/or trailer parked in an unsafe manner, please call McKinley Security at 210-535-7623 to report the situation.

FSR Connect is for the use of the Board, not a tool for residents.  Please use as your primary resource.