Architectural Control Committee

Welcome to The Peninsula ACC webpage. (Please note that we are NOT the same as the Mystic Shores ACC, which has different procedures and requirements.)

The building process in The Peninsula requires compliance with the relevant Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCRs), found under POA Documents.  It is the role of the ACC to assist you in meeting these requirements.

To that end, we have written a user-friendly summary of the DCCRs called The Peninsula at Mystic Shores Architectural and Site Design Guidelines  (the “Guidelines”).  These Guidelines will help expedite your building, renovation or landscaping project.

Step 1 Contact The Peninsula ACC administrator and let us know your intentions.  Click Here
Step 2 – Attend a Preliminary Review Meeting with your ACC liason.  Your builder and/or architect are encouraged to attend.  Click Here
Step 3 Submit application forms, fees and finalized plans to FirstService Residential (FSR), our POA manager, for review by an architect.  Click Here
Step 4 Submit final plans, color samples and external aesthetic details to The Peninsula ACC. Additional meetings will be scheduled if required.  Click Here
Step 5 – You receive written approval and will then be able to begin construction.

The ACC will respond within 30 days after the applications are submitted and fees paid.

        Your Peninsula ACC liaison will continue to work with you throughout the building and landscaping process to help address any issues.

        Upon completion of each project, a closure letter will be issued to the homeowner by the ACC.

Click here to access maps of The Peninsula, including maps of the four units, of building activity and for details of lot measurements.

Click here to see the charter of the ACC by the Board of Directors of The Peninsula.