Gate Information

Click here to learn about gate features such as security cameras and the ability to use your cell phone to control gate.

Gate Contact Info:

A Peninsula resident is available to fix most gate issues.  Calling this neighbor may be both faster and cheaper than calling FSR.  See the POA Members Only page for his contact information. 

FSR business hours for the in-house gate department are M-F, 8 to 5.   During business hours, email FirstService Residential at for fastest service.  Email will likely be faster than phone calls; Gate Department contacts are:
William    210-582-6063
Taina       210-582-6046
Courtney 210-582-5982.

For FSR outside of business hours, call 210-829-7202, and the Call Center will coordinate a response.

For Remote Openers:

Property owners may request gate access codes and remote openers.  During business hours, contact:

FirstService Residential
3424 Paesanos Pkwy., Ste. 100
Shavano Park,, Texas 78231
Office and Customer Care Center: 210.829.7202
Fax: 210-829-5207

For Access Codes, submit this online form to obtain a gate code for contractors/service personnel or for a private event:

Personal gate codes are intended to remain personal.

Property owners may request longer term gate codes for contractors and service personnel.

Owners may also request short-term gate codes (4 hours or less) for private events. Please give several days notice prior to your event to help ensure your needs are met.

To request a short or long term gate code, please complete the Gate Code Request Form below:

 Gate Guidelines


  • Wait for the gate(s) to open fully before passing through!
  • Drive slowly through the gate (approximately 5 mph)
  • Drive smoothly through the gate without stopping
  • Allow a car following you to enter, regardless of whether you know them or not
  • Make note of a suspicious car’s make, model, and color and contact McKinley Security (210-535-7623)


  • Do not rush up to the gate, braking at the last instant
  • Do not stop on the other side of the gate and wait for it to close
  • Do not try to stop someone from entering behind you (i.e. “tailgating”).  Just let them through. But make a mental note of the date/time and make/model of their vehicle and report any suspicious activity to McKinley Security (210-535-7623).

Gate Features

1) Safety Features

Our community gate has the following automatic safety features:

  • Sensing of vehicles between the gate posts using both optical and magnetic road-bed sensors
  • Sensing of objects (i.e. people and low magnetic signature objects, such as bicycles) between gate posts using  optical sensors
  • Reversal if the optical sensor is triggered while the gate is closing
  • Reversal if the optical sensor fails and the object blocks the gate while closing due to pressure on the gate post
  • Reversal if the optical sensor fails, the pressure sensor fails but the motor senses unusual current (force needed) to close the gate.

2) Gate Entries Recorded

Every time you use your gate opener and the gate opens successfully, a record is made of that gate entrance action.  This is true whether or not you use your remote opener to open the gate. If the gate opens with a remote opener, that unique remote’s code (assigned to you) is recorded.   If a guest uses the kiosk to request an opening, a recording of the opening is made (not of the conversation).  If a guest (or a builder or a contractor) uses one of your gate opening 4-digit access codes, a record is made.  The gate record’s memory is quite large and can be researched.  No records are kept of gate exits…only entrys.  Just FYI.

3) 24 x 7 Video Surveillance

First and foremost, don’t take any action yourself if you spot any illegal activity.  Contact 911 to report what you’re observing, then contact McKinley Security at 210-535-7623.   Please understand that the gate includes 24 X 7 video surveillance.  If you, as a resident, witness or experience any of the following events, please dial 911 first, McKinley Security second, then contact Peninsula residents Chuck Davey and/or Marty Rolleg to see if we’ve captured their vehicle’s passage through our gate.  We’ll need to know the date and approximate time the incident occurred

  • Break-ins
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Suspicious activity