Social Committee

  • The Mission of the Social Committee is to foster positive relationships, a cohesive neighborhood, and a spirit of community.
  • The committee’s Purpose is to facilitate interaction among Peninsula neighbors by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire Peninsula so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.
  • The committee provides a personal, warm welcome and beautiful Welcome Basket to the newest members of our Peninsula community and make available the essential information needed to make their transition into the Peninsula go as smoothly as possible.
  • The committee also provides meals and support to neighbors in times of grief, illness, or challenges.
  • Our intended result is strong neighborhood camaraderie, fellowship, and sense of community. We also encourage and support the formation of small groups within the neighborhood to meet the needs of all our residents.
  • Events and services include:
    – October Oktoberfest,
    – Holiday Party in December,
    – Holiday Golf Cart Light Parade,
    – Spring Fling in March/April,
    – Welcome New Neighbors Party at Oktoberfest and Spring Fling,
    – Small “Welcome Gatherings” where new neighbors receive a “Welcome To The Peninsula
    – Publication of the Peninsula Pulse, a quarterly newsletter, and
    – Regular communication through Street Team Leaders
    NEXT PLANNED EVENT: SPRING FLING, Sunday, March 20, 2022, 3-6 p.m. See details at POA Members Only

The committee maintains a neighborhood directory, separate from the legal listing maintained by the Property Manager. This directory is voluntary and is intended to help owners contact one another. Click here to submit or update your contact information for this directory.

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Click here for the charter of the Social Committee by the Board of Directors of The Peninsula.

THE TEAM: Karla Hahn, Kathy Digman, Carla Chipman, Linda Solis, Carol Gilkey and Vicki Holland