As The Peninsula formed as a neighborhood, the community quickly recognized and valued the abundant wildlife in the area. Several property owners began to educate and organize a Conservation Committee within The Peninsula, with the objective of preserving the precious wildlife diversity as the neighborhood developed. This effort was cooperative and productive. In time, the work of this committee of The Peninsula attracted the attention and participation throughout the broader Mystic Shores neighborhood. The Conservation Committee became and continues as a chartered committee within Mystic Shores, with active participation by The Peninsula residents.

This section is dedicated to the people and efforts instrumental in helping all understand the precious resource of wildlife and who respectfully educate and engage the community.

The Peninsula contacts for the Mystic Shores Conservation Committee are Chuck Davey and Marty Rolleg.  Click Here to find out more about this committee.

Archaeological Site in Devil’s Hollow Canyon

In 2014, Marty Rolleg, a Peninsula resident, coordinated efforts with Mystic Shores volunteers to engage an archaeological consultant to investigate, test and document artifacts in caves and other areas of the Devil’s Hollow Canyon in the Mystic Shores Nature Preserve. In the process, artifacts were recovered, including biface arrow and dart projectile points from the Late Prehistoric Stage 900 AD to 1100 AD to at least the Early Archaic Stage 600 BC to 2500 BC. The Texas Archaeological Research Lab in Austin, Texas evaluated the group’s application and determined that the Devil’s Hollow Canyon site be designated a Texas Archaeological Site. This designation paved the way for the site to be protected by allowing the Comal County Sheriff’s Office to arrest trespassers and looters without a POA representative being present.

Enjoy this special amenity!  If you plan a hike in the canyon, call McKinley Security (210-535-7623) so they will know in advance you are a property owner. Also, call McKinley or the Sheriff’s Dispatch (830-885-4883) if you see suspicious activity in the area.