Gate – New Security Cameras and Cell Phone Access

New security cameras and a cellular digital communication system have been installed at the gate. Quality Access will monitor the systems and provide any maintenance necessary to ensure they are operational.
The new cellular upgrade allows the Peninsula kiosk system to communicate with any phone with any US area code (i.e., either a local land line or a cell phone). If you wish to change your current land line number at the Peninsula kiosk entrance to your cell phone number, please send an e-mail to First Services Gate Department  ( with a request to replace your current number with your cell phone number. When a visitor enters your number from the gate kiosk you will just press 9 on your cell phone to open the gate (the same as you did on your land line).
Note — Only one phone number can be entered for each property owner at the kiosk.  Also, you may want to label the gate cell phone number (830-660-5572) as the Gate Kiosk.