ACC Step Two

Step Two – Attend a Preliminary Review Meeting with your ACC liason. Your builder and/or architect are encouraged to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is to facilitate a seamless approval process for you by allowing the ACC to informally review your plans and discuss the approval process. This will save time and money.

  • Once your plans are done, your ACC liaison will schedule and host this meeting at a mutually convenient time in The Peninsula.
  • At this meeting, you will meet your ACC liaison and, perhaps, other committee members.
  • Your builder and your architect are encouraged to attend.
  • Please look over the DCCRs for your unit and read the Guidelines before attending this meeting.
  • Please bring a complete set of plans/drawings to this informal review meeting.
  • A cursory review of the plans will be made to identify possible issues or variances that need to be requested.
  • Your liason will give you a formal application form and fee structure.
  • The liaison will give you the FSR contact information where the application and fee are to be sent.
  • You will also receive a construction gate code, to be used by all subs and employees involved with the construction, renovation or landscaping project.
  • The liason will review The Peninsula’s safety and security measures.
  • The Peninsula’s recommendations for our Dark Sky Initiative will be reviewed.
  • Your liason and you will sign off on the Preliminary Review Meeting.  This document is to be submitted along with the application form (see Step Three).